Remote Planning

The best way is as we mentioned to send us a panoramic X-Ray so we can make a perfect Treatment plan including the treatment costs and the duration.



·         Implant treatment 7 – 10 days

·         Implant healing time of 3-4 months

·         Implant prosthetic treatment time of 7-14 days

·         Gum surgery and aesthetic control time 7 days

·         Whitening procedure takes 45 minutes (Single or Double Session)

·         Porcelain laminate veneers treatment duration of 7 days

·         Fixed prosthetic treatment duration of 7-14 days



Your transactions related to dental treatment to help our patients to receive reimbursement from a private insurance company, we provide translation treat your planning and your bill as written in your native languages



Please note befor you come to Dentaydın

You need:

·         Your passport and identity card

·         Home address, contact information, e-mail

·         Your air ticket (free for ensuring your town transportationand)

Candy heart, if there are diseases such as hypertension, your doctor 'teeth can make treatment' document