Endodonti is a branch of related treatment of root canals in teeth. There is a part under enamel and dentine layer of teeth which is named “pulp” that provides the vitality of the tooth nerve and vascular cover.This section which is known pulp room in teeth crown extends to the end of the tooth roots. If pulp suppurates for any reason, it requires taking nerve of the tooth to sanitate canaliculi then it should be filled them.While root canal therapy is implemented single session for healty tooth, it generally requires two sessions for unhealthy tooth.

Every person has the bacteria in the oral cavity. Unless unfavorable conditions are available, they do not damage. When bacteria combined with many foods we receive, cause the creation of acids in our mouths. If we are not able to remove these acids from our mouths, these agents will damage to dentine and they cause tooth decay in dentine layer. If dentine decays are not treated, they pass the bottom layer of the enamel layer of dentine. If tooth decays are not treated,  microorganisms activate  through  the pulp at this time. In the meantime, the pulp activates several ways to protect yourself. One of these ways is to warn us with pain. However, if we do not make our teeth, microorganism cause infection by devastating vessel and nerve in the pulp.

Another way of formation of dental pulp infection is traumas. The direct dash coming to teeth can cause the vessels  breaking off and nerves entering from the tip to  the root of the tooth ,thus the tooth may lose its activity. This situation causes infection of the pulp with addition of microorganisms in any way. Another way of pulp infection is having long standing periodontal disease (gingiva and surrounding) around the teeth.
Pain which is formed because of cold or hot drinks or foods in teeth and sensibilities, pains which are formed during  lunch time can be mentioned about inflammation or beginning of inflammation.Moreover, it is perceived that discoloration in tooth can be indication of inflammation. Apart from these, in case of reacing decay to the pulp but in untreated tooth, infection spreads from the root end to the jawbone and this may cause small or big panicula.
In this condition, battle against infection, operation is done by dentist as well as using antibiotics are convenient.

According to general point of view, teeth which creates panicula in face is essential to be pulled the teeth out after detumescence. However, this is an idea too far behind. Even these kind of tooth that cause big infections can be kept in the mouth by using root canal treatment and these tooth can service you like healty teeth for years.

Treatment Methods

  • Determining  the unhealthy tooth by getting radiography.
  • Clearing off sensibility in the teeth or  tissue  surrounding sentiment by local anesthetic if the teeth is healthy.
  • Forming of pulp cavity to be reached by cleaning tooth decays in layers of the tooth enamel and dentin
  • Isolating by attaching the tooth rubber dam.
  • Determination of working length and to be confirmed by radiography by using electronic equipment.
  • The elimination and removal of microorganisms and infected dentin layers in root canal by using revolving tool systems.
  • Eliminating microorganisms and various root canal sanitisers by using revolving tool systems in root canals.
  • While beginning root canal therapy if the teeth is not healty, It needs to be waited for a while with a canal antiseptic which will be put in root canal and to be filled root canal in another appointment.

After root canal therapy, its aim is to cure if damage has occured surrounding tissues of the tooth and not to form  infection again by being severed from the tooth from the surrounding tissues.
Root canal therapy is performed under local anesthesia and pain is felt.

Following the root canal therapy, especially after the therapy of healthy tooth it may be folded acceptable tooth pain a few days or may be formed pain when being pressed on the tooth. This is a normal pain formed after the root canal therapy. It disappears in a short time by being protected the tooth which is done canal therapy.In canal therapy that is applied the right therapy for today, the success rate rises to 90%.