The objective of the Pre-doctoral periodontal program is to ensure that students are capable of diagnosing and treating periodontal disease. Students are also prepared to work closely with post-doctoral perio residents when the severity of the case suggests dual management. The core didactic curriculum consists of the following:

  1. 6 introductory clinical workshops (2nd year)
  2. Perio I lecture series (24 lectures) (2nd year)
  3. 4 Surgical workshops (3rd year)
  4. Perio II lecture series (27 lectures) 3rd year
  5. Clinical rotation in postdoctoral periodontal clinic (3rd & 4th year)

The clinical pre-doctoral program emphasizes:

  1. Diagnostic data collection
  2. Usage of electronic patient record
  3. Interpretation of digital dental images
  4. Preventive dentistry counseling
  5. Scaling & root planing (manual & ultrasonic)
  6. Occlusal adjustment of night guard therapy
  7. Phase I evaluation skills and development of phase II surgical treatment plans where needed.

Students are encouraged to perform surgeries with faculty and Post-graduate students giving them an opportunity to have more interaction with the specialist.