Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthetic Dentistry is a field dealing with substance loses in the natural teeth, missing teeth, relevant soft and hard tissue losses, arranging reciprocal teeth relations, loss of chewing and talking functions as well as restoration and maintenance of aesthetics.

At Prosthetic Dentistry Clinics of Istanbul Aydın University Dentaydın Faculty of Dentistry Hospital every kind of aesthetical and therapeutic prodecure such us fixed prostheses (metal supported and all-ceramic crown-bridge prosthesis), removable prostheses (total and precision attachment denture), Implant supported prostheses (fixed or removable appliances), jaw and facial prosthesis, treatment of joint disorders, laminate veneer and zirconium applications are performed.

Zirconium Crown
What is a zirconium crown?

While showing adequate resisance agaisnt the functional forces in mouth, metal-supported fixed prostheses can cause aesthetics problems by affecting the natural teeth appearance negatively due to inadequacies is masking the metal color, metal substructure’s not transmitting light, metal color’s being reflected on the edge of gum. Because of these disadvantages of the metal-supported ceramic restorations, high resistance ceramic systems have been developed.

Especially zirconium is the latest substructure material used in this field today. Aesthetic concerns caused by metal substructure are eliminated by using a White material called zirconium instead of metal as the substructure of porcelain.

Besides being as durable as metal-suppırted crowns, zirconium crowns are aesthetically sueperior due to being in tooth color. Therefore, an aesthetics appearance very close to the natural tooth is achieved.