Health Tourism

Patients who choose Ozel Emre Dental Clinic by health tourism can both get service in a shorter time by combining their treatment and travel expenses in a package and also experience the privilege of getting more quality service thanks to our academic physician staff consisting of professores and associate professores.

For our foreign patients who choose Istanbul Ozel Emre Dental Clinic for Dental treatment:

  • We offer distant examinition service before coming to Turkery,
  • We provide all local transfers in Istanbul free of charge,
  • We provide them with a patient representative speaking the native language,
  • We provide service with our accademic phsician staff consisting of professors and associate professors,
  • We accomplish their treatments successfully in the shortest time possible,
  • We provide service at the contracted clinics in various Eurpean cities before and after the treatment,
  • We guarantee a more affordabe diagnosis and treatment opportunity in oral and dental healthcare services than those in their own countries.


Distant Planning
Our patients living abroad can have the opportunity of getting a distant examination by our academic physicians consisting of professors and associate professors by sending us their panaromic radiograph from the country they live in and obtain information about treatment procedures and pricing when they are still in their country.

Representatives in Foreign Countries
We guarantee your treatment and ensure your treatment continuity at our contracted dental clinics located in Duisburg, Hamburg and Berlin in Germany, Basel and Bern in Switzerland and London in the United Kingdom for diagnosis and planning before the treatment and controls after the treatment.